Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Illamasqua's Skin Base Foundation + Hydra Veil Primer

Skin Base | 30ml | £27.00:

Back in September when I met Zoe & Cole in Manchester at their meet up, (which was awesome btw), I couldn't help noticing how amazing Cole's skin looked & when I asked her what she had on, she said it was Illamasqua's Skin Base Foundation. I'd never heard of it before, but when we went for a wonder around Selfridges and the Illamasqua counter was there, I knew I was going to buy it...  and I did. And I haven't regretted it at all.

The foundation doesn't come in any fancy box, it's just the bare bottle with some plastic security wrap around it. I like boxes, it makes me feel like I'm buying something special and expensive, but at the same time I'll just throw it away; so I actually think it's a good idea not to have a box. It's just a waste at the end of the day!

The shade Nichole & the Illamasqua guy matched me to was Shade 06 (SB06) and it's perfect! It comes in 26 shades so hopefully you'll find your match!
It doesn't oxidize at all on me. I've had trouble with lots of foundations changing colour throughout the day, but this comes off at night the same colour as it went on!

It has great coverage. I'd say it's a medium that could easily (and quickly) build up to a full coverage. It covers all my blemishes and evens out my skin tone better than any foundation I've tried before. I don't need to add any concealer as I just add a little more Skin Base in problem areas. It doesn't require lots of effort to blend in and to look nice. I can literally slap it on, give it a quick buff  with my Sigma F80 and it's good to go! 

The lasting power overall is pretty darn good. The main thing I look for in foundation is how well it lasts and the first question I asked Cole was how well it held up. It lasted pretty well on me throughout the day with no primer. It does come off my nose (even when I've made sure not to rub my nose!), but it doesn't move off my cheeks or face in any other places. I have pretty dry skin but I can get a little oily on my T-Zone at the end of the day, so I rarely ever have to touch up my foundation and this is no exception! The only place would be my nose, but apart from that, my skin just looks pleasantly glowy as the day goes on. :P

In photographs it looks amazing, it's just a pity I despise having my picture taken (even in selfie form aha!) 
I find it most helpful on foundation reviews when you can see the foundation as it is, up close, with no powder or other makeup over it. So here's a picture right after I put it on, before I finished my makeup. :)

I've never had a foundation go on so smoothly before. My skin, because it's dry around my chin, lower cheeks, etc, usually catches foundation terribly and it just does not look good when photographed up close, straight away. It eventually settles down and looks alright, but if I were to photograph it straight away like I did with this one, you'd see every dry flake of skin.

So yes, it's absolutely fantastic! I can't recommend it enough. I've said it about foundations I've reviewed in the past but this really is the bestest, most amazing foundation I've ever, ever, ever tried! 

It costs £27.00 and if you've been oohing and aahhing about trying it out, try it! Or at least try it on at a counter, it's bloody fantastic!

Which leads me onto another 'bloody fantastic' product: 
Hydra Veil | 30ml | £27.00

This is a little wobbly pot of wonder. It's a primer/moisturizer, although I would not use it as a moisturizer. 
It's a re-hydrating primer, so of course with my dry skin, I love it.
The makeup artist at the Illamasqua counter gave me a little 5ml tube sample, which I put off using for about a month because primers have never been something I've gotten into; they've never done anything special for me before.

One day when I knew I was going to be wearing makeup for longer than usual, (went to a graduation), I applied a little bit underneath my makeup and instantly marveled at how weird, yet cool it felt! 
You only need a pea sized amount to cover your whole face!! It felt so cooling, yet moisturizing when it was on my face and it soaked into my skin fairly quickly and wasn't at all greasy. However it left a subtle tacky feeling to my skin which I like to think is to help your foundation to stay on. :P

Oh and did it help my foundation stay on!! 

I've never had a primer make a difference to the longevity of my foundation - and to be fair, I've only tried this primer with Skin Base as that's the only foundation I have now. I really didn't have much faith, I assumed it would be like all the other primers that claimed to hold your makeup on or smooth your skin out, but never really did at all. I also didn't know what the selling points of the primer were when I tried the sample, I didn't read up on it before hand, I just blindly tried it out. 

The day I tried it, I kept looking in the mirror because I had no idea how this primer was going to make me look as the day went on! I did notice my foundation didn't move at all and I did a lot of walking for me (which was hard because I have spinal problems) so I got very sweaty and actually wiped it off my forehead with the back of my hand (gross I know!).

 But it didn't move. 

I went into the toilets and expected to have no makeup left and it was still there, still immaculate! I did need to blot because I was sweaty, but my foundation hadn't moved, hadn't creased, hadn't budged at all and this was maybe 7 hours into the day... I was dumbfounded! It didn't come off my nose either which shocked me even more! I put a little powder on to get rid of my sweaty shine and it looked perfect again.

I continued to use that 5ml sample until I was cutting the tube open and scraping it out. After it was all gone, I missed it very much, so I popped to the Illamasqua counter when I had some spare pennies and bought it full sized! I didn't use it until I had time to photograph it because I wanted it to look new... then after I'd used it, the next time I unscrewed the jar it looked new again... then I realized it settles back down and everytime you open the jar, it looks brand new! How cool is that?! :P

Overall it's also a fantastic product. I can't say how it works if you have oily skin, but if you have dry-combo skin and you have trouble with your makeup moving, definitely see if you can get your hands on a sample of this!

*bought with my own money

Have you tried Skin Base or Hydra Veil & what did you think?


  1. I just tried my first Illamasqua product - a cream blush. Very pleased with it! I am definitely going to try more from their line. Thanks for reviewing these products :)

    1. I've heard amazing things about their cream blush! Gonna check them out next time I'm at a counter!! Thank you for the sweet comment. :)

  2. This looks and sounds fab! I've only recently tried my first Illamasqua product - their Cream Concealer and I'm so impressed, even if my shade is so pale it's the one up from white! x

    1. I'd love to try their concealers too, (anything from this brand I want haha!). I'd love to have beautiful pale skin like that. Lucky you. :) xx

  3. Both of these products sound incredible, such a lovely review :)!
    I've just given your blog a follow as it's such a good little read! xx

    1. Aw, thank you so much! That's such a kind comment and a lovely thing to do. I've followed you back as your blog is also brilliant. :)

  4. Wow that foundation sounds amazing! I really want to try it now xx


    1. It's fabulous! The best I've tried so far!! :)

  5. I do love the sound of Hydra Veil but it is quite expensive and the pot looks so small I'm worried I'd get through it really quickly. If you really do only have to use a tiny amount each time then I'm sure it would actually last quite well so maybe one day if I have the spare pennies I will give this a try x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. It really will go a long way. It's not something I'll use EVERYday, but I'll use it about 3 times a week. I only need it when I want my makeup to last the whole day, the foundation has good staying power anyway, so I use this for very long makeup days.

      I think one pot of the primer will last me every 2 bottles of foundation, if that makes sense? :)

      Also if I pass an Illamasqua counter I'll see if I can get a sample tube & if they give me one I'll send it to you? You do really only need the tiniest amount. :)

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  7. I haven't tried either of these but would love to after reading your review! x

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