Friday, 20 December 2013

♥ Getting into the Christmas Spirit ♥

I've been feeling really festive this year & put my tree up around the 25th November. The main Christmas tree went up at the start of December, but I never sit in the room where we put it up so I wanted one of my own. :P
I love the run up to Christmas but it goes so fast and then Christmas is over and the excitement is gone. So this year I was determined to make it last! For the past month every night I've been doing something, be it cleaning or gift wrapping. I was going to do Blogmas but I knew I wouldn't be able to blog every night! 

I've only just got around to writing this blog post but I wanted to share some little bits and bobs I bought to decorate my bedroom with. :)

Because the trees in our house aren't real I bought this candle from Yankee and the candle wreath from Primark! I swear Primark has some of the best little decorations for so little cost. The candle was from the Yankee Candle shop for £7.99 in Liverpool & the Candle Wreath (which came with its own candle was £3!).

This is one of the best things I've bought this year. It's the Yankee Candle tart burner (£24.99). You melt your little tarts which cost £1.20, and there's no exposed flames and less risk of fire! It's brilliant and of course, you can use any tarts you like, not just Yankee. It's definitely value for money if you like to experiment with different scents. :)

I got this little tea light house in Asda for £4. I thought it was very cute and cozy... I couldn't resist. :)

 For my tree as well as normal bauble balls, I got some new "special" baubles. I didn't want to spent a fortune but wanted them to look pretty. This cost £1 from Wilkinsons. 

 This was also £1. This isn't my usual cup of tea, I love gold & red at Christmas but it reminded me of a candy cane and I loved the knitted look. :)

This was £1.50 from Wilkinsons, it's got a bell in it too! :P

I love this one, it was also from Wilkinsons for £1.50!

This is my favourite one. :) It was £2 from Asda. 

I got this cute little guy from Wilkinsons for £3. I think he's going to stay out after Christmas too. My mother wouldn't let me put him downstairs incase she thought he was a mouse... and my nephew thought he was a mouse too... either way, I think he's delightful. :)

I added some lights to the footboard on my bed, I bought them and didn't know where on earth to put them so I put them there... and I quite like them. :)

And my bedroom tree. I think it's slightly wonky looking at that picture... oh well!
The white wire on my fairy lights is driving me nuts too because I can't hide it! It's rather big for a bedroom but hey ho. :P

The best part about the run up to Christmas is definitely buying presents and wrapping them all up!! :) But goodness me, it takes AGES. Well, it takes ages or I'm just very slow. I was three hours the other night & I'd only done about 10! 

But that's that! I felt like it was now or never to post this. I had this post planned since the start of December and I couldn't put it off any longer! :)

What's your favorite part about Christmas? 
Do you love or hate the run up?


  1. I love the fairy lights on your bed! :)
    I wish we had all of those christmas yankee candles here, i'd love to have one of them :( xx

    1. Aww :( they're brilliant & such great value for money if you get the tart warmer. It's a shame you don't have them :( xo

  2. So pretty, loved seeing all your Christmas bits :) xx

    1. aw thank you! my room is going to look naked when I take them down!! haha


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