Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Fix: Fast Festive Nails

So it's nearly Christmas and I wanted to paint my nails with a special design, snowmen, holly, Christmas puds... Anything really! But I totally fail at nail art, especially with my non-dominant hand; so opted for something a little more simple, yet still Christmassy. :)

It's super easy to do. Just paint your nails with your red as normal & I did this a couple of hours in advance just because I didn't want to spend ages on my nails waiting for them to dry, etc., so I did it in two halves. :) I used the Seche Vite Topcoat to help with the drying, then after a couple of hours I just tipped my nails with the silver glitter. I've tried giving myself a French Manicure in the past and failed miserably due to my shaky hand! But you don't need to be as precise with this. 

I found the best way to tip them was to do very light coats of glitter (I only needed two coats as it's so densely packed). And move the brush down your nail tip rather than side to side, as you'll get more preciseness. :)

Then all you gotta do is add another coat of topcoat to seal it in and you're good to go!

It's also brilliant if you're hard on your nails and your polish wears at the tips, as all you have to do is add a little glitter to touch up and it looks good as new again!

(I left a little gap on my ring finger and it annoys me every time I see this photo, grr!)

 The nail polish you'll need is:
A deep red nail polish and some silver glitter. :) 
I got a Debra Lippmann trio in TK Maxx, for £12! The red is called 'My Old Flame'. 
(Essie's "Fishnet Stockings" is a brilliant alternative as is Rimmel's Double Decker Red or Rapid Ruby.)

The best silver glitter I've ever, ever used is also from Rimmel and it's their Space Dust polish in Shooting Star! It's sooo opaque.

So Merry Christmas, I hope you all have an AMAZING day!!
What will you be sporting on your nails for Christmas Day?!

*everything was bought with my own money


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