Thursday, 7 November 2013

Korres Lip Butters | My Cold Weather Wonder

Hi everyone!
I know I took a little break after Blogtober, but I'm back and wanted to do another post on these lip butters! 

I already have a post on the these for Blogtober Day 6 which compares the potted butters (Guava), to the stick butters, (Pink). 
But I wanted to do another one as I bought a couple of different colours and I really do believe in them.

This is one I've had before, it was my first ever lip butter & definitely my favourite. It has a slight scent of something that resembles candyfloss. It's not strong at all, but it is very sweet. :)

It's very sheer which surprised me because I thought Guava would be the sheer one; however this is the sheerest I've tried! 
Personally I love that it's more transparent because you know you're not going to end up with a dodgy application or it smudged on your pillow.

It leaves a very faint tint as you can see, very similar to the colour of the stick butter in "Pink".
Also, please excuse my weird pout, I'm not intentionally trying to catch flies!!

This lip butter is in Plum. I actually got this in TK Maxx for about £6 with a Korres eyeliner. I didn't think I'd find any lip butters but it was buried under all the chaos that some messy shoppers had left...
(I'd hate to work in TK Maxx... or Primark for that matter! People just throw things everywhere!)

The colour pay off on this is fantastic! It's super pigmented with one swipe, so you have to be a little careful putting this on... and it's a no-no for bed! The smell of it is also a spot on plum scent; it's delicious!

It has the same lovely formulation as all the other potted lip butters, however... I don't find this as moisturising purely because it's so highly pigmented, therefore you only need a tiny bit. The last thing you want to do with this is layer it on because it'll get everywhere!

But with that said, I still love it and it makes a perfect lip product for this time of year. It still protect my lips & it's the perfect "autumn berry"colour, so it's been a definite favourite lately.

I used to have chapped lips so bad I'd wake up with blood all over my pillowcase because they'd cracked and bled in the night. My lips were disgusting, they'd scab up with dried blood & would randomly start bleeding during the day... my lipsticks looked horrible, but most importantly, it was so uncomfortable; painful even.

I never discovered a lip balm I really liked before I tried these. I've bought many "lip butters" in the past only to be disappointed when I'd discover they were just a regular, hard, waxy chapstick. But as these are in pots I had higher hopes and thankfully, they didn't let me down. 

I honestly haven't had chapped lips once since using these & I swear by them. They're a little pricier but to me they're worth every penny. 

If you were to invest in one of these definitely get one that's a little sheerer, that way you don't have to apply lightly with the product & hopefully will feel the full benefit of it.

You can buy them here for £8.00.
Has anyone tried these? What's your favorite lip protectant?!


  1. I love the L'occitane shea butter lipbalm, it's amazing!

  2. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog it's so awesome! Keep up the great work ♡

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  3. I have the guava one and the rose stick version - I love them x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  4. I suffer from dry, chapped lips too and I noticed that lip balms lose their potency if I use one brand for too long. I usually use a different brand every week or so. These lip butters might be the end to my problem! I'm going to get myself one soon. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. been desperate to try a Korres lipbalm, really liking the look of plum. Your lips look so healthy and natural in the picture...looks like it might be on my Christmas list!

    Kassie -

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