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Review | Benefit Brow Zings!

Hello there! 
It's been a long time since I have posted because I've been sick. :( Boo! I've still got a bad chest. There's a bug and a cold going around and everyone seems to have it around here!!
I thought I would do my first review of the Benefit Brow Zings, AKA; my favourite brow product ever! I've seen this mentioned on a few blogs lately so I thought I would make my own little review for anyone who is interested.  :) 

What am I reviewing?
Benefit Brow Zings in Medium.
This is a brow duo that consists of a wax-cream, a brow powder, a mirror inside, a small pair of tweezers, an angled brush and a tiny flat lay-down brush.

First Impressions:
When I bought this the first time (early 2010), I was absoutley gutted. I had spent £22.50 on a wax and a powder... I could have kicked myself. 
I tried it and I didn't like it, I used it and just didn't enjoy it. So for a month it was sat in the back of my make-up draw, all on its own, until realised I had just bought something I couldn't really afford and it was not going to sit in my draw to collect dust!
The first thing that came to my mind when I tried the wax, was that when it was applied on its own, it was a little greasy feeling; it was incredibly slick and it wasn't the most pigmented wax I had ever tried. I tried using the powder on its own, too. I've never liked the look of just powder on my eyebrows, it always looks powdery and if looks like if someone blew on my eyebrows it would fly off in a dust cloud. :(

The way I use it:
As I started using it more, I mixed the cream and powder together. It created a very pigmented wax and it was very easy to draw in a shape with it! It has a drier texture than a cream, but doesn't cake up.
It's the perfect medium because it adds the colour that the wax lacks, but doesn't have that powdery appearance that the powder does, and because of the wax it slicks down my eyebrows so I don't need gel!
If you do mix the kit, I recommend picking up some powder then some wax otherwise the powder turns a bit clumpy. It doesn't do any harm to the powder in the long run, so it's your personal choice really. It just looks a bit messy. I've mixed wax > powder and powder > wax and it works pretty much the same either way for me.
It also lasts the whole day. I find pencils wear off; especially if drawn onto my skin and I have to keep checking to see if I've lost half an eyebrow - with this I know it'll be there until the very end of the night when my make-up is ready to come off. 

The Brushes:
And my favorite brush? I like something very thin and not a thick angled brush, that way I can control the thickness myself and don't have to worry if the brush is going to apply powder somewhere I don't want it and the little angled one that comes with it is perfect! The biggest problem is it's TINY. It's like an inch long and I can't get a very good grasp on it without putting too much pressure onto my brows. However, I used the angled brush out of my old browzings till it broke and had to upgrade to a longer brush; and since using a longer brush, that's when I realised how hard the little brush was to use.  Don't throw it away though, it's a wonderful brush if you can get to grips with its miniture size!
 A good dupe, an almost identical dupe of this is from GOSH. They have a small angled brush around the £6 price-point, if your Benefit one wears out! I had this brush but gave it away without thinking and now I need to get another one. :( 
I've been using the Sigma E75, though. I will say, it is certainly not a brush I'd choose to use, but it's the only one I have at the moment! I think it's a little too wide and fluffy for me.
The flat lay-down brush is not something I'd really choose to define my brows with, it's too wide and not defined enough for me to get a presice application, but hooray for actually having decent applicators with a product!

The Tweezers:
The tweezers in all honesty, are not great. They work okay for the first couple of uses and then they seemed to get blunt really quickly. Great to have in your brow kit though for the odd stray hair and emergencies, but definitly not something that could ever replace your main pair of tweezers.

I haven't got anything bad to say about the way Benefit has packaged it. It seems to close very tight, it has a nice sized mirror inside and it has never broke on me; even after two years of throwing it into my hangbag, dropping it onto the floor and standing on it by accident. It's really well designed and has a good durability.

Lasting Impressions:
The longer I had the kit, the more I liked it. I have used it for about two years and the older the wax got, the more I loved it. o.O
I don't really think much of the wax when it's brand new; I think it is a lot better when it's more dried out. I also find the older the wax gets, not only does it get better; it seems to be more pigmented, but maybe that's because the powder is mixing into it, thus making it more dry and adding pigment?! 
The wax alone lasted me two years. The powder would probably last me 4! I bought a new one about 6 months ago and see this lasting another two years!

Sleek have one that looks idenetical to the Brow Zings, from the packaging, to product inside - even the mini brushes and tweezers! I'd definitly be interested in trying it when my Superdrug finally decides to stock up, (sometime never). I'd also love to see how the wax compares to the Benefit one, considering that is the main reason I bought it again...even if I have to wait a few weeks before I start to like it! :)

This is the way I do my brows and I absolutely love the result:

Naked Eyebrow.

Filled in Eyebrow.
This picture was taken at 8pm at night after a full day of wearing it.
The hair on my brows are usually slicked and stuck flat down, but I don't think it did a bad job at staying put at all!

It retails for £22.50 from Boots, Debenhams and any Benefit counter and you can go to the website and check it out yourself, here!

Thank you for reading this loooong review! 

Has anyone else tried the Brow Zings?! 
What did you think?

~ Kerry :)


  1. I have really dark and thick eyebrows. I guess I'm lucky because I don't need to deal with the fuzz of filling them in. I do have to pluck them a lot though..

  2. Ahh, lucky. :P
    It looks like something is "off" on my face if I don't fill them in. :(

  3. love your blog!
    check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other?^^

  4. It seems so cool!Wanna try it!:)

  5. I've followed you Celiné! :) Your blog is awesome.
    So is yours Arianna, I've followed you too. And yes it is awesome!! :) I'm gonna see if I can get a hold of the Sleek one and compare (:
    It'd be awesome to spend £7 instead of almost £23, haha. :)

  6. this looks promising!Looking for something good to get my brows in shape.
    Welcome to the blogger world...i needed a hobby too ;)

  7. It's great!
    and thank you, your blog is awesome! (:

  8. Hmmmm you have me wondering about this product again.. I bought this A LONG time ago - before I started watching Youtube videos and makeup blogs (maybe 2002?) I wasn't impressed with it probably because I had no idea what I was doing, lol.. In retrospect, I only used the brushes that came with it, and I think I would be a lot better off with the brushes I have today and the method you used to apply it.. Now I'm debating whether or not to buy this product again..I love the way your eyebrows look. I currently use a powder but I have this ginormous permanent bald spot on my eyebrow (that sounds sexy) that I find powder doesn't cover well, and a pencil gets this weird consistency throughout the day and it does not blending in with my eyebrows at all (or lack there of).. I am paranoid that my attempts to conceal it are as successful as hair in a can haha I think the wax dried out very quickly when I had it, but I'm sure 10 years later, they have improved the formula :) Maybe I'll try this again ..and that bald spot is killing me! I was contemplating buying Mac's brow ultimate pen (or something like that name).. it's supposed to have good staying power, not a harsh felt pen.. anyways I'm rambling

  9. I think this product is amazing...i just love it.My eyebrows were getting too thin from using pencils because of the harsh dragging on the hair.The difference using brow zings is brows look more natural and not too dark.i use the really does last all day too infact it still looks perfect next day.cant recommend it enough,lasts forever value for money

  10. I swear by this everyday now. I wasn't always a fan, as I thought personally using both powder and gel made my brows too dark, but now if I just use the powder lightly it gives great coverage. Great post chick x
    Heroine In Heels

  11. You are an expert! I couldn't fix my eyebrows even if my life depended on it. ;)
    I ought to get Brow Zings, maybe that will help. :)

  12. You did an amazing job with your brows! I love it!
    I'm used to brow pencils but I'm so getting this! ;)

  13. I just purchased this and I am so nervous about trying it out... I also bought the Gimme Brow just in case I am completely hopeless at filling them in! Thanks for the tips.

    Love Lana xx

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